Monday, October 5, 2009

The weatherman is on our side!

Dear world,

You think Germany is about to throw out renewables and switch to nuclear power now that we have a new governing coalition of the CDU and FDP, right? But here is what you left out of the equation: the German weatherman.

A storm is passing over Germany tonight, and the weatherman started off his report with a map of Germany and some superimposed wind turbines. He explained that the overall output was going to increase drastically over the next 24 hours, producing some 11 gigawatts at times.

How much is that? "As much as 11 nuclear power plants," the weatherman said. (Germany only has 17 left, and one of them doesn't work.)

Wow. I can hardly imagine a more political statement. By God, we've got the weatherman on our side! May the battle for people's hearts begin!

(P.S. I'll try to post a link here to the video of the weather report if it ever goes online.)

Update: ok, here it is. I managed to get this video from the broadcaster itself. It seems that not every weather report is archived online. So the woman I reached essentially made this video excerpt especially for me.

Now imagine not only seeing a weatherman on CBS, NBC, or ABC explaining that heavy winds that night would generate more wind power than half of the country's nuclear power plants can generate, but also imagine contacting the broadcaster, getting an answer, and then having a special service performed for you -- all of it for free, and all of it very quickly.

Impressed with Germany yet?

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