Saturday, October 17, 2009

Translation notes: making the Bible less liberal

The religious right in America now has a new campaign: retranslating the Bible to take out its liberal slant.

Others, including some more moderately minded believers, have chimed in on this with some ridicule, so I will only mention one thing that I have not seen commented on yet. When these retranslators delete the tale of the adulteress ("throw the first stone") from the New Testament as part of a campaign against liberalism, they essentially a tribute the modern-day liberal thinking they do not like to previous centuries.

While the story indeed does not seem to have been in the earliest manuscripts, it was certainly there 1,000 years ago, and versions of it were apparently there are only a couple of centuries after the earliest manuscripts were written.

So you see, the church has been suffering from liberal bias throughout its history...

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