Thursday, September 6, 2012

Money vs. message

Yes, it's propaganda, but this speech is probably the best defense of just about everything I believe in that I have ever heard, and I couldn't have written it that well, much less delivered it that well. And the fact that it was delivered by a healthy, good looking, eloquent black woman is something that I was not sure I would ever see in my lifetime back when Jesse Jackson made a mostly symbolic attempt at the White House.

I was feeling fairly pessimistic about US politics after Citizens seemed to tip the scales once and for good in favor of big money, but the main Republican message at their convention was, of course, based on an intentional misreading of a sloppy, but nonetheless unambiguous wording by Obama.

So it looks like it's money versus message in November. I was afraid money would, as so often, win, but after Michelle's message I'm not so sure.