Friday, October 2, 2009

Update on Vauban report

I see this morning that the author I complained about yesterday did in fact visit Vauban and wrote about the experience in the New York Times. Here is what she wrote about the parking garage:

Car ownership is allowed, but there are only two places to park — large garages at the edge of the development, where a car-owner buys a space, for $40,000, along with a home...

It is fascinating to read that, only six months ago, she knew that these parking spaces were purchased, not rented, but she is still nowhere near the right price. At the current exchange rate, 40,000 dollars is 27,000 euros, and these parking spaces only cost 16,000 euros. And as I said yesterday, at the exchange rate of 2002, when a lot of these parking spaces were still being sold (construction has largely been completed in Vauban), 16,000 euros was closer to 12,000 dollars.

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