Friday, October 23, 2009

News on coalition plans for renewables

The CDU and FDP have been negotiating a political platform for nearly a month, but things may be getting wrapped up over the next week -- possibly this weekend. News was leaked yesterday that the following is in the draft currently being discussed (via

We shall adopt a revised Renewable Energy Act to take effect on December 1, 2012 with an eye to protecting the competitiveness of each technology... We are committed to solar energy as the most important future technology within Germany... We will have a hearing to begin a dialogue with the solar sector and consumer organizations to determine which short-term changes need to be made to avoid overpayment of photovoltaics.

That is my translation of what is apparently a direct quote from the draft. The article also writes (in indirect speech) that compensation for ground-mounted systems may require that arrays be installed on land that is already paved or otherwise not useful for agriculture.

Overall, it seems that little, if anything, will be changed for the other renewables aside from photovoltaics.

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