Friday, October 9, 2009

FDP supports German feed-in rates

(Kudos to Dörte)

From page two of the FDP's political platform on environmental, agricultural, and consumer protection issues:

"We will continue to promote the expansion of renewables in accordance with current targets, retain the Renewable Energy Act and the unlimited feed-in priority, and make these subsidies more efficient."

There are a number of other points, but I won't go into them -- you can see from the above how much things require explaining. For instance, the "unlimited feed-in priority" means that renewable energy has to be accepted on the grid; if necessary, coal, nuclear, and natural gas plants simply have to be ramped down. (The part about making feed-in rates "more efficient" is a bunch of blah blah blah.)

Most importantly, this paper -- which is apparently being used as a basis for coalition negotiations with the CDU (it was sent to me by email; I do not know if it is available online) -- clearly states that the FDP will retain the Renewable Energy Act.

I could not find the word "solar" or "photovoltaics" in the document at all. Otherwise, the FDP only emphasizes that Germany has made too many mistakes in the field of biomass/biofuels, so support will be increased, and too little has been done in the heat sector.

If you were expecting an attack on solar, the document is disappointing.

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