Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recommended reading on the transition to renewables

The world is certainly not bereft of books telling us how we need to prepare for climate change, etc. But my colleague Miguel Mendonça informs me that his recent book co-authored with UK filmmaker Herbert Girardet, which just went on sale, has now also been made available for free as a PDF download - "we would like to get the word out as far and as fast as possible."

Back when I finished Energy Switch, I was thinking about writing a book on feed-in tariffs around the world, but Miguel beat me to it, and he has done some excellent work since then as well -- so good, in fact, that I do not see any need to write another book on the topic.

Alas, the free offer is too late for me -- I already bought one for myself and one for some colleagues in New Orleans.

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