Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gaux Louisiana!

No, I am not talking about how Louisiana probably has the best solar policy in the US at the moment (though I do talk about that here). Rather, I am talking about a proposal to stop Asian carp from taking over the Mississippi River and, apparently, Lake Michigan. While the northern states are trying to come up with a technical fix, Louisiana has proposed something that I -- a Louisiana native -- also immediately thought of, though the New Republic's Brad Plumer calls it an offbeat suggestion:

Why don't we just start eating Asian carp?

Of course we should eat Asian carp -- it moves, doesn't it? And while I am no fan of carp (it is a bony, somewhat fishy-smelling fish), there is nothing that a little seasoning can't do, as alligator pie demonstrates.

P.S. Yes, I know that everyone writes, "Geaux Saints," but the ge- in geaux produces a
voiced postalveolar fricative -- the zh- in the Chinese name Zhou or the second g in garage. We need the first g in garage, ergo no e after it.

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