Thursday, February 11, 2010

Germans criticize Olympic village in Canada

I don't see that this is making any headlines in English at all, but Hermann Weinbuch (one of the coaches of Germany's Olympic team) is in the news in German complaining about the quality of the Olympic Village in Vancouver.

  • food is being served on paper plates with plastic forks
  • and the walls of the huts are apparently too thin.

We are probably going to have more and more of this as the decades go on. As I recently wrote, it's actually not that easy at all to get served on real porcelain with real metal cutlery in the US (and apparently the same goes for Canada). But North Americans think nothing of having to eat off of throwaway material. Indeed, they even cook with it -- I recently got a photo of jambalaya from a relative, and it was in a large aluminum foil tray that, I assume(d, incorrectly -- see comment below), was thrown away, not cleaned out and reused. (I have personally never made jambalaya in anything but metal pots or porcelain casserole dishes.)

As for building insulation, I froze my butt off in the winter in Spain because houses there are not insulated at all. I also froze my butt off in the winter in the US. Right now, it's way below freezing outside here in Freiburg, but I am cozy warm inside my apartment, and the heaters are only set on 2 (on a scale from 1 to 5).

When people from the South think about living somewhere like Germany, they imagine their own poorly insulated house, not the kind of heaterless homes going up in Germany now.

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  1. Well, the jambalaya wasn't cooked in the recyclable aluminum container, as that would be impossible. It was transported to a friend's house, as I wasn't sure if we'd be bringing the container back home, and we don't have a reusable container large enough for the batch. It was, in fact, recycled afterwards. Also, the jambalaya was delicious.