Friday, February 26, 2010

Bad climate data

I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little impatient with the inaccuracies of a group of like-minded people who focus more on climate issues than energy issues. Take a look at this nonsensical chart (from the Guardian), which seems to show that San Francisco will go underwater if sea level rises another two meters, whereas New Orleans will apparently not go under water unless sea level rises another six meters.

I have been to San Francisco several times, and if sea level rises another two meters, you are going to lose the Embarcado, but most of the city will be high and dry. The highest point in the city is nearly 300 meters up, and Lafayette Park is around 100 meters above sea level -- smack dab in the middle of town.

In comparison, Lafayette Park in New Orleans is probably less than a meter above sea level, and I honestly don't believe that any piece of dirt in the city -- including all of the levees -- are anywhere close to six meters above sea level. You have to sit on the roof of the Superdome to get that high.

What a stupid chart.

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