Monday, August 17, 2009

Cycling through eastern Germany - Torgau

One reason why the Elbe Bike Path is so popular is, no doubt, its cultural significance. Rather small towns turn out to have been the site of major events.

Torgau has only 20,000 inhabitants but was the site of the meeting of US and Soviet troops near the end of WW II.

And if you are thinking of attacking Hartenfels Castle, beware of the bears in the moat.

The restaurants on the main town square were not overly full, but also not empty. But as you can see from the first image to the left, the main shopping street leading to the fountain on the main square was more or less barren, and the street to the left of the picture suffered from blight a block away from the picturesque square.

My favorite part was probably the butcher's on that shopping promenade. As the signs on the second picture to the left explain, you can get "lung, udder, ox tail, pickled ham, liver, heart" and "fresh brain" there.

I don't know anyone who would be able to make a dish out of any of that - outside of France.

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