Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Merkel in US

The German media are incredulous about their Chancellor's reception in the US – not because she has been poorly received, but because so little attention is being paid to the event in the media. Repeatedly, reporters on German TV flipped through US newspapers to show what the US reports on – and to show that Merkel's visit just barely warrants a mention alongside all the wars the US is fighting and a number of things that seem trivial from abroad (and are, in fact, trivial).


  1. Well, I read about her visit in the NYT and in the Washington Post, not in the Albany Times Union. All depends on where you look. Interesting to read your comment that the "wars", including the NATO action in Libya that Merkel also made a speech on, are considered trivial

  2. Hmm, I can. Perhaps your writing is so unclear that I don't understand your point? Which could have been rectified by explaining it- or by not posting my moderated comment if you felt that it was so clear what I was not understanding?
    But your choice is the snark. Hmm.

  3. Hey G,

    You may be a visual person, so I'll try this with a direct quote presented differently:

    "Merkel's visit just barely warrants a mention alongside:

    1) all the wars the US is fighting and
    2) a number of things that seem trivial from abroad."

    I'm not sure how you missed that.

    You seem to assume that the Germans are looking into local papers, such as the Albany Times Union, so I will do you the favor of posting a video showing which newspapers the Germans were responding to. You'll find it interesting given your erroneous assumption above.

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