Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New website online

Marstal Solar power plants, have a area of 18,...Image via Wikipedia
As I announced back in April, my blog writings pertaining to renewables are moving to a professional website. Originally, I thought it would be going online in June, but you know how big projects are -- at any rate, it went online today and is called Renewables International.

My first series, entitled Peak Demand Parity, focuses on what will happen when peak solar power production reaches peak power demand, which will probably happen first in Germany. While everyone seems to be focusing on "grid parity" (the point where solar power costs the same as power from your wall socket), I argue that peak demand parity will be more of a paradigm changer.

You can find the first five of six installments here.
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  1. At long last Craig... What a treat! Peak demand parity eh? Hmmm... Sounds like a new idea. Fun, fun, fun.