Sunday, September 26, 2010

Advice from France: "use cutlery"

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On German television, there was just a review of this book, in which a French woman living in the US provides her own tips on why the French are the least obese people in Europe: never eat with your hands, always sit at a table and use cutlery, and don't diet.

Interestingly, Wikipedia presents a picture of European metal ware (along with wooden chopsticks and a porcelain Chinese spoon) for the German Besteck, whereas the only picture given for Cutlery is of "starch-polyester disposable cutlery."

As I have written before, but the use of plastic cutlery in the US is one of my major pet peeves every time I come back.

I wonder if the Frenchwoman also recommends never eating alone.
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  1. I read another interesting article related to that subject that stated that French people would not put on weight as easily as the rest of the world population because they actually enjoy eating. The French translations for food are accordingly appetizing: amuse gueule, petits fours or clfotis au cerises. Well-fois gras might be an exeption there.