Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The future of this blog

One of the major drawbacks of this blog has been that it does not focus on a single audience. A lot of what I write is for people interested in renewable energy, but I also write some personal stuff that might interest friends and relatives (but probably not the energy folks) -- and then there are my comments about the differences between Germany and the United States, and I'm not sure who wants to read that.

Anyway, effect more or less immediately, I will be devoting most of my writing about energy matters to a new blog that is going to go up the English version of a prominent German website, which will be going live on June 1. Because we will have to have a lot of texts on the website when it goes live, I will be saving most of my future posts on energy for that website.

This blog will probably continue to provide some interesting reading for anyone interested in my general ramblings. I do intend to continue to focus on translation and intercultural matters here.

The identity of the new website is still embargoed, but I will announce where my new energy blog will be when the time comes -- sometime in the next few weeks.

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