Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy holidays, Phillipines!

Two months ago, I added the visitor counter over to the right. It was my seventh month of blogging, and based on the quite low number of comments people were writing, I assumed that I only had a handful of readers -- and was thinking about discontinuing this blog.

The counter revealed that I actually have close to around 40 readers a day, which was enough to keep me very motivated and try to provide enough quality to keep everyone's attention.

But one thing did surprise me: the large number of readers from the Philippines. I have a good idea of who my readers are from the US, Germany, the UK, and Canada, but the Philippines have been battling Canada for fourth place nearly from the beginning, and I have no idea who any of you are.

So I'd very much like to hear from some of my readers from the Philippines. Welcome! But who are you, and why do you enjoy reading this blog by an American about German/American matters?

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