Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Update: BMW dumps hydrogen

(Update: see comments)

Remember all the talk about how we would have fuel cell cars by 2010? Yesterday, BMW announced that it was abandoning research into fuel cell cars altogether.

As of late last night, I did not see any news about this in English, but German media are full of the news. So remember where you heard this first ;-)

For the record, I have been doubting fuel cell cars since 2003 -- and calling for more emphasis on battery-powered vehicles.


  1. I am sorry but what you are writing is not true.
    BMW will not build a new fleet of hydrogen powered cars until they have made progress with the new hydrogen storage technology they are currently working on.
    BMW have never said to be working on fuel cells. They are and always have been working on hydrogen in internal combustion engines.

    (A well informed source from Munich Germany)

  2. I'm afraid you're right: http://motor-exclusive.de/exclusive-news.php?newsid=46268.

    The corrections are all over the web if you look for them, but the original report I saw was made in the Tagesthemen (or maybe Tagesschau). I suppose this is a good example of a report coming on page one and the correction coming on page 14...

    Sorry to have contributed to the confusion, but when I wrote my post the matter certainly seemed clear.