Sunday, January 10, 2016

Freiburg memories: Konzerthaus

As mentioned in yesterday's post, the Blue Bridge now leads to the Concert Hall. When the building was opened in the mid-1990s, I sang on stage. A number of the musicians I worked with had trouble participating because they had opposed the project, like quite a few Freiburg citizens who continue to oppose the modernization of the city. With some of these musicians, I also gave concerts at some protest events against the project (I was neither particularly for or against it, but just having fun making music).

Many people wanted the money devoted to better kindergartens, etc. The project was originally called the KTS (Kultur und Tagungsstätte). At some point, the name was changed, and the protesters kept the name KTS for their own counter project, which still exists in Vauban.

This is what it looked like when I arrived in Freiburg in September 1992 – and this was also the first thing that I saw coming out of the train station. I specifically remember it being a bunch of metal rods sticking out of the ground, so the picture must have been shot a few months before I arrived.

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