Friday, January 8, 2016

Freiburg memories: the Blue Bridge

I will remember the Blue Bridge. When I moved to Freiburg, the connection for cars had just been torn down (see this photo from 1992) to make it solely a pedestrian's bridge (including cyclists, of course). It leads straight from the Sacred Heart church in Stühlinger (visible in the second photo) to the new Konzerthaus (visible in the background of the top photo), which was only just barely a construction site when I arrived in Freiburg.

Officially renamed the Wiwilí Bridge in 2003 (after Freiburg's Nicaraguan partner city), it is now a popular place for young people to hang out. The bridge crosses over the main train tracks in town (directly overlooking central station, in fact). I have been here so long that I can remember when nobody ever thought of sitting on top, much less walking up there.

When I came out of the train station, the blue bridge was one of the first things I saw – on 15 September 1992.

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