Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oder = and (continued again)

Still trying to get my head around German "oder":

Essentially, the German says (and I shorten): "one example is the use of inefficient cookers or the installation of biogas units running on household waste." Is it just me, or does that sound illogical? Don't we need to say, "Two examples are inefficient cookers and simple biogas units"?

I don't follow the logic of "one example is X or Y." For me, that would best be expressed as "X and Y are two examples."


  1. I think the idea is to give a more "conversational" impression -- as in "here's an example -- or take this one". Giving exactly two examples would be odd, at least in German (as if two is really all you can come up with) but giving one and then thinking of another feels natural.

    I work into German and I often change English ands into oders. I'll try to remember to post an example (or two) here next time.