Sunday, July 24, 2011

Plagiarism update -- German sense of humor

Quite a bit has been happening in the past few weeks in Germany's ongoing plagiarism saga. First, CDU politician Bernd Althusmann will apparently soon face official plagiarism charges from his university. Second, FDP politician Chatzimarkakis has definitely lost his doctorate – and says he will be writing his dissertation again. Third, FDP politician Margarita Mathiopoulos is once again having her dissertation reviewed. Fourth, SPD politician Uwe Brinkmann has lost his doctorate on charges of plagiarism.

And finally, FDP politician Koch-Mehrin, whose doctorate was also revoked because of plagiarism, is taking her university to court because, as she sees it, they should've caught her back then and it's too late now.

And you thought Germans didn't have a sense of humor...

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