Thursday, March 4, 2010

A chart worth learning German for

It's about a month old now, but Die Zeit recently published an interesting PDF showing a number of financial figures in relation to each other. For instance, I knew that the US porn industry has been bigger than Hollywood for at least a decade, but I did not know that Germany's GEZ -- the roughly 20 euros that anyone who purchases a television set has to pay for public broadcasting per month -- provides roughly the same budget as all of Hollywood. (Note: that 20 euros per month is not for your cable TV connection, which costs extra. You're just paying for the programming.)

There's lots of other goodies in there as well, such as the comparison of the German military budget (30 billion euros) compared to the 1,242 billion the US has spent in Iran and Afghanistan alone. But I'll let you hone your German skills with the PDF and not spill too many beans here.

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