Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cycling through eastern Germany - Potemkin Town Squares

As I completed my cycling trip -- some 722 kilometers in nine days including visits to some cultural/historical sites -- I could not help but notice that a lot of money has been put into the renovation of buildings on town squares in eastern Germany, but that all of these investments have not led to local prosperity. In many cases, the blight starts at the building directly adjacent to the one on town square -- such is the case on the picture to the left, where the building shares a wall with a fancy remodeled building overlooking the town's main square.

The second picture shows an example of a compromise. In this building on a central artery of the old part of the same town -- it's just around the block from the picture above -- a local community project has rented out the bottom floor, and the top floors seem to be completely unused. When you are standing on the street, you therefore have the impression that most of the buildings are at least in use, but a closer look reveals that it is only the ground floor in many cases.

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  1. Prices are low, cost of living is low.
    Take the Train or drive your car if one wants to see Europe. Good place to have a home base, no?
    Buy a house or flat in one of the towns in Eastern Germany and then spread out from there.
    One compares London to say Berlin, both big cities but also big differences.
    In London you will pay a Million dollars for a Small Flat, Petrol is higher, Food is Higher, Electricity is higher, everything is much higher!
    In Berlin a average person may make $25,000 to $30,000 Euros a Year but one can find houses for less then $50,000 Euros and the cost of living for everything else is also cheaper.
    Now even if one is not offically working and they draw $750.00 Euros monthly welfare and then work Part-time like most do underneath the table perhaps making another $500-$750 Euros monthly who has the higher standard of living. The folks in Berlin absolutely do many times over even though the Offical stats always go to GDP and so forth which really do not give you much information that you need.
    London is really Shit for anyone that is not in the upper class, everyone knows this and so what is the deal?
    This goes for much of the world, the highest quality of life is to be found in Continental Europe and the Germanic Countries and cities are top heavy on the list along with other northern countries.
    Genuine Progress indicators are a true source of information and so if one uses these indicators even for Eastern Germany you get a much much clearer picture of the truth.
    Too bad the media is trash and does not enlighten the people's of the world but their job is to lie and cause deception.