Sunday, April 19, 2009

LED billboards?

An economics writer for the New Yorker has blogged an admittedly funny video, but what interests me most is the following contention:

...some day all billboards will probably be LCD screens, and this video will be an interesting historical artifact.
It never ceases to amaze me how out of sync Germany and the US are. Americans can honestly imagine a world in which all billboards consume energy even during the day. I cannot imagine Germans saying such a thing. The Concorde has been decommissioned, cheap airlines (and all US airlines) are floundering, the world is having to switch to renewables because we cannot produce conventional energy faster, and Americans want battery-operated everything (hey, Europeans, did you know that breast pumps in the US are battery powered? I suppose Americans don't have the muscle power...). I suppose LCD billboards everywhere are the logical, though impossible, conclusion.

Don't expect to see electric billboards everywhere over here. We neither have enough electricity nor enough billboards. See the pics of the Sauerland autobahn here.

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